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Premium Concrete Weatherproofer & Fortifier
Spalling sucks. Use DriveHard. DriveHard is Patent Pending
Prevents & Reduces...
Helps reduce spalling, freeze-thaw damage, cracking,
rust corrosion, white powder dusting and dirt pickup!
      Fortifies concrete, masonry & brick
      Excellent water-repellent properties
      Helps prevent many common concrete problems
      Protects from water-borne salt damage & erosion
      Easy to install--just brush or spray it on!
      Incredible Value--only 14¢ per square foot!
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DriveHard™ is a premium concrete and masonry weatherproofer and fortifier. It penetrates deep into the surface to create a chemical bond that helps prevent damage from many common problems, including repeated freeze-thaw cycles. The patent-pending formula creates a breathable, durable and water-repellent surface. DriveHard leaves a natural-looking finish that does not create a film or change the surface texture (or color). Learn more about how to winterize your concrete!
Available in 1, 2.5, 5, 55 and 275 gallon containers.
cracked concrete
concrete efflorescence
Powder Dusting
chipping and spalling concrete
Chipping & Spalling
waterproof concrete water beads
Tell Old Man Winter to Take a Hike!
Want stronger water repellancy? Try DriveHard PRO!
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