Who We Are

NewLook International is the leading manufacturer of premium and innovative coating and building material solutions. Our revolutionary and proven concrete coatings have been used since 1989 by industry professionals and property owners alike to dramatically enhance the image of concrete, cement and other decorative surfaces. Whether you are a contractor, supplier, architect, or designer, NewLook has a specific decorative concrete stain product that will compliment your own range of solutions, making NewLook your decorative concrete expert.

What We Believe

NewLook was founded on the principals of sustainability, innovation and the belief that you should be able to conveniently maintain the image of your concrete without losing your shirt. We believe that true innovation is defined not by just a new product combination, but also a legitimate product-market match. And since our award-winning and revolutionary concrete coatings have been installed on millions and millions of square feet of concrete we can confidently say that NewLook is the industry leader in providing truly value-added product solutions.

We believe that our success is measured by your success. We also believe in doing our part to preserve the environment and are committed to manufacturing sustainable product solutions that minimize our environmental footprint. Our mission is to help architects and professional installers build sustainable, successful businesses by providing the most innovative, reliable, and green decorative concrete solutions.

What We Do

We add beauty to your life, giving your concrete a new look!. We manufacture and distribute a comprehensive family of premium decorative concrete products that include surface preparation products, decorative restoration products (e.g. the award-winning ORIGINAL Solid Color Stain), maintenance and protective products (e.g. SmartSeal), and sundry tools. NewLook International, Inc. is your complete source for decorative concrete color restoration solutions!
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Your Source for Architectural & Specialty Decorative Concrete Stain Solutions

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Our process of innovation begins with you, the customer. Many NewLook products are developed in response to customer demand: "I need such-and-such product. Why don't you make it?" After identifying the customer market we then begin the process of researching, developing and testing. We believe in being on the cutting edge of product technology. Sometimes this means launching a revolutionary solution like CoolStain PRO. And sometimes it simply means improving existing concepts; after all, even evolutionary products can be innovative!