NewLook [nu look]: --noun: 1. the fusion of innovation with decorative concrete; 2. the solution to ugly concrete; 3. a fresh and revitalized concrete image; 
NewLook [nu look]: --verb: 1. the process of making ugly concrete look naturally beautiful; 2. to maintain your concrete's image; 3. to increase your curb appeal;
The Original Concrete Color Maintenance System
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Concrete Stain & Other Decorative Concrete Solutions

Efflorescence-Curing System
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NewLook's effective preparation products, like the eco-friendly exfoliating cleanser EcoAcid (image right), are used to ensure job site surfaces are clean and porous. A lot of resources are invested in developing the most effective preparation solutions because we know how important thorough surface preparation is!
Creating beautiful concrete means using amazing decorative concrete restoration products, such as the ORIGINAL Solid Color Stain (image). NewLook is known for its innovative stains used to make ugly concrete look brand spanking new!
The ORIGINAL Solid Color Concrete Stain
You've invested a lot in restoring your surface. Now you want to protect and maintain it. Using a durable and maintainable solution like SmartSeal (image right) or any of NewLook's other high quality maintenance solutions can help you keep your concrete or masonry surfaces looking super grand!
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So...Which Stain Should I Choose?
So...Which Sealer Should I Choose?
Using the right tool to install
decorative concrete color restoration
products is critical. NewLook offers a wide range of
helpful sundries and tools for installing, cleaning and maintaining decorative concrete products and construction equipment.
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