Elastomeric Waterproofing Concrete Sealer

A water-based, inorganic elastomeric concrete waterproofer designed to penetrate, seal and protect porous surfaces from water and other liquids.

Providing excellent durability, breathability, and temperature resistance, ProtéShield's modified-polymer formula waterproofs, winterizes and protects concrete, pavers, drywall, GFRC, gypsum, stone, tile, ceramics, foams, canvas, veneer, overlays, cementitious resurfacing compounds, asphalt, wood and most types of metal (e.g. copper, steel, iron). Ideal for large commercial or residential applications.

ProtéShield waterproofing concrete sealer prevents the penetration of contaminants that create mold, mildew and pollution damage. It's a long-lasting protective solution designed for professional coating installers.

Coverage & Packaging

Available in 1, 5, 55 gallon & 275 gallon tote containers. Coverage rate for unsealed (concrete) surfaces is approximately 200 sq. ft. per gallon.

Important Benefits

  • Excellent concrete waterproofing: Creates a BREATHABLE & impermeable water barrier for treated surfaces.
  • Excellent temperature resistance to extreme temperatures from -65º F (-54º C) to 400º F (204º C)
  • Strong abrasion & chemical resistance: Very durable; will not yellow, crack, or delaminate.
  • Eco-friendly & VOC Compliant: Complies with V.O.C. content limits as required by current U.S. air pollution regulation and is classified as non-hazardous, and non-toxic.
  • Excellent elasticity (up to 400%)
  • Easier surface cleanup and maintenance. No seasonal re-coats.
  • Non flammable and non combustible.
  • Prevents treated surface from freeze thaw, cracking and spalling commonly caused by water intrusion.

Product Uses & Applications

  • Recommended for sealing, waterproofing, winterizing and protecting most porous building materials such as concrete, pavers, concrete block, brick, precast concrete, plaster, drywall, GFRC, gypsum board, stone, tile, ceramics, foam, canvas, veneer, overlays, asphalt, wood, and most types of metal (copper, brass, steel, aluminum, gold, iron). Given the wide variety of uses, please see NewLook or Distributor for more information.
  • Large Flatwork Applications: Theme parks, city parks, parking lots, airports, roads and highways, bridge decks, piers, schools, helipads, tunnels, pipes, decks, walkways, and driveways.
  • Large Vertical Applications: Foundation walls (above grade and below), bridges, sound and barrier and retaining walls, fencing, towers, buildings.
  • After cleaning interior and exterior surfaces of mold, mildew, pollution, sewage, oil, and wax buildup apply ProtéShield™ concrete sealer. It's an excellent penetrating concrete sealer that will prevent growth and penetration of these substances making cleaning and maintenance much easier.
  • Ideal Interior and Exterior Applications: Walls and floors of hospitals, restaurants, offices, schools, commercial buildings, industrial plants, labs, manufacturing and fabrication facilities, warehouses, storage facilities and containers, residential living quarters, basement waterproofing, retail spaces, and grocery stores. For below grade surfaces, use NewLook HydroHalt.
  • Protect surfaces against ultra violet rays, ice, water, chlorinated water, salt water, rain, acid rain, salts and other chlorides, rust, mold, fungus, insects, chemicals, oil, fuel, stains, and excessive temperatures.

Technical Data

  • Type: Inorganic Elastomeric Modified Polymer
  • Recoat: +/- 1 hour (recoat while 1s coat is wet)
  • Initial Cure: 1-2 hours. Final Cure: 24 to 48 hours
  • Traffic: Walk-on traffic 1-2 hours. Vehicular traffic 2-4 hours. Parking traffic 24-48 hours. Based on temperature and humidity.
  • Elongation: 325%
  • Elasticity:  up to 400%
  • pH Rating: 7 to 10
  • Solids by Weight: 6%
  • Moisture Vapor Transmission: 0.01 g/h/cf
  • Color: Milky white when wet, crystal clear when dry.
  • Finish: Matte finish. May slightly darken concrete.
  • Acid Resistance: Hydrochloric 13%, Acetic 30%, Sulfuric 13%
  • Melting Point: (400º F / 204.4º C)
  • Freezing/Cracking Point: (-65º F / -18.3º C)
  • Cleaning: While ProtéShield waterproofing concrete sealer is still wet, wipe up and immediately wash treated area with soap and water. If ProtéShield has already dried, use paint thinner or mineral spirits to clean it off. 

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1-Gal. ProteShield Elastomeric Waterproof Concrete Sealer
5-Gal. ProteShield Elastomeric Waterproof Concrete Sealer
1 Gallon ProtéShield
Concrete Sealer
5 Gallon ProtéShield
Concrete Sealer

   For vertical and horizontal surfaces, apply with 3/8” nap roller, brush or sprayer (pump up or pressurized).
   Generally one coat is sufficient, but two coats are possible while the first coat is wet. Cover every square inch.
   Once product has dried, reapplications are not possible until concrete is worn and porous or coating is removed.
   Allow 24 to 48 hours to fully cure before parking vehicles, painting, and backfilling.
   Clean tools with soap and water immediately after use. Do not let tools sit in direct sunlight while product is inside or the product may harden and new tools may be needed.​

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