Mean Klean Concrete & Masonry Dissolver

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We've got BIG NEWS! NewLook's popular Mean Klean brand has has recently expanded to include the heavy-duty Concrete Degreaser and multipurpose Concrete Cleaner. Try a Mean Klean product today!
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NewLook Mean Klean Concrete Cleaner
NewLook Mean Klean Concrete Degreaser
NewLook Mean Klean Concrete Dissolver
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Easily and safely remove concrete from your tools and equipment with Mean Klean Concrete Dissolver. The advanced liquid formula dissolves and physically breaks down dried concrete and mortar by attacking the Portland cement, eventually reducing it to mush that's easy to clean off with a hose or pressure washer. Mean Klean Concrete Dissolver is the green, non-fuming, eco-friendly alternative to harsh acid cleaners. Learn more!
Mean Klean Concrete Degreaser is a proven, heavy-duty floor cleaner and degreasing agent. This concentrated floor cleaner can be diluted with water and pumped through the soap dispensing unit of a pressure washer for highly effective oil stain removal. When used according to directions, Mean Klean Concrete Degreaser effectively cleans soiled concrete surfaces in preparation for application of NewLook's decorative concrete stains and other penetrating concrete coatings. Learn more!
Decorative concrete stains and polished concrete floors are just a few of the many industrial hard surfaces maintained with Mean Klean Concrete Cleaner, a high-quality multi-purpose concrete cleaner and degreaser with the most clever product name EVER! The environmentally-friendly formula can be diluted with water to remove grease, oil, adhesive, dirt, food, soot, and more from concrete. Your janitorial supplies are not complete without the Mean Klean Concrete Cleaner.