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NanoSet Densifier Li™ is an effective blend of reactive lithium silicate that penetrates polished concrete to increase surface density and hardness.

The water-based lithium silicate formula has a pH of 10.8 and helps preserve the structural integrity of concrete during the polishing process. NanoSet Densifier Li offers good water repellency and provides longevity to the performance of the substrate.

NanoSet Densifier Li is installed like any other lithium densifier. Spray and scrub.


The NanoSet Concrete Polishing System utilizes a proprietary and green manufacturing process and leverages advanced, inert nano-technology to deliver sustainable and durable results. The concentrated dispersion of amorphous, nano silica particles offer extensive chemical reaction-sites that penetrate deeply and start reacting quickly and more efficiently upon contact, forming calcium silica hydrate (CSH) and strengthening the concrete matrix and increasing its stain resistance. Download the TDS to learn how to polish concrete floors.


Both versions of NanoSet Densifier (above) are available in 1, 5, 55 and 275 gallon containers. Specify NS or Li when ordering (see above).

Coverage (For NanoSet Densifier NS)

Densifier coverage depends on dilution with water, surface porosity, temperature and application methods. Coverage rate is 300 to 600 (average 500) square feet per mixed gallon. For new concrete, add six (6) parts water. For aged, existing concrete add four (4) parts water.

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NanoSet Densifier NS™ is an advanced blend of reactive nano silica that penetrates polished concrete deeply and efficiently to increase surface density and hardness, as well as provide additional protection and longevity of the polished concrete substrate.

The water-based formulation has concentrated nano-sized silica particles (5 nm) with a pH of 9.5 that permanently bonds with existing concrete chemicals, offering incredible protection and longevity.

NanoSet Densifier NS improves the bond between coatings and treated concrete or mortar surfaces; it reduces the occurrence of peeling, cracking and loss of bond caused by capillary moisture or internal chemical reactions.

What makes NanoSet Densifier NS better than lithium silicate or a lithium densifier?

  • NanoSet Densifier NS improves the bond between decorative concrete stain and treated concrete
  • It is less expensive due to a more efficient refining process
  • There is a higher concentration of reactive sites in the formula that yield a more efficient reaction
  • It is non-caustic, a more neutral pH formula
  • Builds up surface density; the nano silica chemical actually reacts and bonds with itself
  • It helps rescue damaged or soft concrete
  • Nano silica bonds to the silica in overlayment
  • Smaller molecular ion (5 nm) of nano silica yields efficient and deeper penetration

How does the NanoSet Densifier NS improve the physical properties of polished concrete floors or other treated concrete floors?

The nano silica based formula penetrates and scavenges excess calcium hydroxide (Portlandite), a byproduct of the original hydroxide process, and reacts with the Portlandite and water to form a hydro-calcium-silicate gel (HCS) within the polished concrete floor. Treatment with NanoSet Densifer NS reduces the void and capillary spaces normally caused by bleed water. This aids in the formation of significantly denser cement paste which improves vapor and moisture barrier actions.

The ultimate result of treating concrete and mortar with NanoSet Densifer NS is a lower porosity which means water-born salts and chemicals cannot easily penetrate the polished concrete floor. Treated concrete and mortar surfaces improve maintenance capabilities and can improve the bond between coatings and the substrate. Treated surfaces have enhanced bonding quality and prevent peeling, cracking and loss of bond caused by capillary moisture or internal chemical reactions.
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"Amazing. NanoSet Densifier NS is truly faster, easier and cheaper than [what I've used in the past]. I'm totally switching."
-- H. Carter; Akron, OH

"We use it to prep for our overlay primers. It really makes 'em stick better!"
-- R. Falber; Casper, WY