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Color Additive Booster™
Liquid Pigment Concentrate

The Color Additive Booster is also available in each of the same standard Translucent Color Enhancer colors on the Color Chart. 

Contains concentrated pigment and allows customized tinting of the Translucent Enhancer concrete stain, as well as overlayments, epoxies and other sealers. Simply add some or all of a Color Additive Booster to the same color of the Translucent Color Enhancer for a more intense concentration of color hue. 


Available in a 2 oz., 4 oz., 16 oz., 32 oz., or 1 gallon container. Use the 2 oz. container when "boosting" an Enhancer. ​Contact your local NewLook Representative for more information. Read the respective Technical Information Sheet.​

Booster Uses & Applications

Darkens Translucent Color Enhancer tint/hue
Tints epoxies & other sealers
Integral colorant for overlays, microtoppings and countertop mix 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to seal the Enhancers?
A: Yes.

Q: Really? All of Enhancers?
A: [sigh] Again, yes. Try NewLook's SmartSeal

Q: How do I install the Translucent Color Enhancer?
A: With virtually any tool you want depending on the desired effect. Typically, a pump sprayer or NewLook Applicator Brush is used to restore exposed aggregate or antique stamped concrete.

Q: How do I create a faux finish with the Enhancers?
A: First, consider whether the Enhancer is the right product for your faux finish project. SmartColor is most commonly used for faux finishing. Remember, faux finishing is a skill developed with practice. Fortunately, NewLook's non-reactive stains give you greater color control, which allows you to duplicate the effects of acid stain, marble or any other design. For best results use an HVLP or airless sprayer to mist on the Enhancers. Download our video tutorials for more information.

Q: Are NewLook's Concrete Color Stains permanent?
A: Seriously? C'mon, nothing you put on concrete is absolutely permanent. Sealers, stained concrete, micro-toppings --- they all need to be maintained. Even concrete itself breaks down over time and needs to be cleaned or even replaced! After all, you wouldn't buy a brand new car and never wash it, right? Likewise, decorative concrete stains must also be maintained because of wear and tear. However, NewLook's Translucent Color Enhancer has a compelling value proposition; it's an integral part of a comprehensive system of decorative concrete maintenance solutions that allow you to maintain the image of your concrete. Sealing NewLook concrete stains with SmartSeal will indeed extend the life of the Translucent Color Enhancer.

*Coverage rates will vary and are based on surface porosity, concrete texture, temperature, and method of application. The Translucent Color Enhancer can be applied with virtually any tool, including the NewLook Applicator Brush, depending on intended effect. Contact your local supplier for product pricing and availability.​
Got worn, faded exposed aggregate? The Translucent Color Enhancer is "the best darn solution" on the market for restoring exposed aggregate! The water-based, translucent formula creates a vibrant, yet natural-looking color tint that refreshes the exposed aggregate surface while still allowing the aggregate tones to show through the translucent tint.

Also, use the Enhancer to give your worn, stamped concrete a two-toned, antique finish. It can be used over the ORIGINAL Solid Color stain or existing concrete surfaces. The premium water based and translucent (non-solid) decorative concrete color stain is designed to refresh and revitalize your worn concrete surfaces.

It is also used to create a faux finish by blending and layering multiple Translucent Color Enhancer colors. MUST BE SEALED. For additional images and stamped concrete stain ideas, visit the Photo Gallery.

Tip: Use a darker Enhancer color over a lighter base color to create proper color contrast when antiquing stamped concrete.

Uses & Applications

  • Restore, enhance and revitalize exposed aggregate
  • Antique stamped concrete with a two-toned, old world finish
  • Faux finish over the ORIGINAL Solid Color Stain
  • Touch up and fix failed concrete stain (or Solid Stain) jobs
  • Enhance stone, brick, stucco and other porous surfaces

Benefits, Features & More Benefits

  • Translucent finish allows (solid) base color or intended discolorations to show through
  • ​Easy to mix 3-part concrete stain formula
  • Polymer-modified water based stain formula has no VOCs
  • Non-reactive, reliable formula can be easily duplicated; you can bet on the color!
  • Use to touch up or fix decorative concrete stain mistakes

Coverage & Packaging

The Enhancer concrete stain is packaged in a easy-to mix 3-part kit and is available in the same colors as The ORIGINAL Solid Color Stain. When ordering from your distributor, reference color name, quantity and size:
  • X-large (32 oz.) kit covers approx. 600-1200 sq ft*
  • Large (16 oz.) kit covers approx. 300-600 sq ft (28-56 sq meters)*
  • Small (4 oz.) kit covers approx. 75-150 sq ft (7-14 sq meters)*

Downloads & Quick Links

Check out the Stamped Concrete Color Combinations!​
Color Enhancer Product Page Links:

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"Sure, Mrs. Johnson, that's new
exposed aggregate." (wink, wink)
brown stamped concrete driveway
tan stamped concrete at golf course
"I use the Enhancer on all my new stamp jobs. Sometimes I start with the Solid Stain. Sometimes I don't. Either way, it's easy and does a great job of creating a beautiful finish."
-- J. Clemp; Houston, TX

"I always keep a few kits of Enhancer [and sealer] in my truck for my concrete stain jobs. It's really durable and looks's easy; just spray and seal!"
-- H. Winderman; St. George, UT
2 oz bottle of Color Additive Booster
"I use the Booster all the time to color my overlays. It's [very] consistent, which is nice when you consider how many colors NewLook has."
-- T. Olson; Albuquerque, NM

"A little of this goes a long way sometimes. It really does give the Enhancer a kick!"
-- G. Woodruff; Phoenix, AZ
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(Orders fulfilled by Distributors)
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2 oz bottle of Color Additive Booster
=  Darker
antique stamped tan concrete
stamped concrete stain color combinations
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The Translucent Color Enhancer is not a solid or opaque stain. It's translucent, meaning you can see through it. This is why the Enhancer is used to restore or revitalize exposed aggregate! These images (below) merely simulate how the translucent Enhancer tints exposed aggregate with a new hue and allows the aggregate to show through the tint. Do not use a screen image to select colors. Use the standard NewLook color selection chart available from your local supplier, NewLook Representative or NewLook directly.