NewLook EcoAcid
Exfoliating Concrete Cleanser

Concrete etching and acid cleaning concrete is so outdated! Don't acid wash it! Use NewLook EcoAcid, a water-based, non-corrosive exfoliating concrete cleaner and light etching compound.

The eco-friendly, non-toxic, non-hazardous formula (VOC < 0 g/L) safely washes new concrete and prepares the surface by opening up the pores for effective staining with NewLook concrete stain or any other penetrating coating. EcoAcid is a non-fuming alternative to harsh acid etch chemicals. Read the respective Technical Information Sheet for more information.

Note: EcoAcid offers an exfoliating cleansing wash that is primarily used to clean (new) concrete surfaces in preparation for staining with NewLook's penetrating concrete stain. It will lightly etch a non-porous substrate as compared to QuickEtch, which is used in lieu of a mechanical grinder to thoroughly etch your concrete and completely open the surface pores. 

EcoAcid will not react with paint, sealers, stain or other decorative concrete coatings. Must be in direct contact with concrete and masonry substrates to effectively react.

Coverage & Packaging

Available in 1, 5, 55 and 275 gallon containers. Coverage is approximately 200 square feet (19 square meters) per gallon.*

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*Coverage rates will vary and are based on surface porosity, concrete texture, temperature, and method of application. Use a NewLook Applicator Brush to install EcoAcid. Contact your local supplier for product pricing and availability.

**Check local environmental regulation requirements. Learn how to etch concrete and how to maintain concrete by downloading NewLook's training videos.

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Three Cheers
for EcoAcid!

"Concrete etching and [acid] cleaning concrete is a lot easier with EcoAcid. You can actually see it react and bubble up immediately. Pretty cool [stuff]."
--R. Dudley; Charlotte, NC

"I used to acid wash concrete with some really harsh [stuff]. Now I use EcoAcid because it's not so harsh and it's still good for concrete etching."
--D. Wiley; Vale, CO