NewLook Applicator Brushes 

The NewLook Applicator Brushes' flag-tipped and dense bristles make them the most effective tools for installing the ORIGINAL Solid Color Stain, CoolStain PRO and other concrete stains or garage floor coatings on porous concrete. NewLook strongly recommends using these specific brushes to install concrete stains and cannot guarantee (or warrant) results if the concrete stains are applied without them. Do not use, however, to install paint, epoxy or other top coat concrete and cement sealers. Paint and other high-build coatings should be applied with paint rollers or other brushes.
4 inch truck washing brush
8 inch truck washing brush
10 inch truck washing brush
truck washing brushes
18 inch truck washing brush

4" round Designer Applicator brush. Used in faux finishing techniques for dry-brush technique.
8" Applicator brush head. Use on smaller jobs and for dipping into the bucket
10" Applicator brush head. Use on smaller jobs and for dipping into the bucket
18" Applicator brush head. Use on larger projects for re-brooming the ORIGINAL Solid Color Stain. Large brush spreads stains quickly saving on  labor costs.
NOTE: The NewLook Applicator Brush is the only tool recommended for installing the ORIGINAL Solid Color Stain or CoolStain PRO. It is the most effective tool for saturating the concrete stain material and pushing it deep into the pores of a concrete or cement surfaces. It is for this reason that the NewLook Applicator Brush is the only brush NewLook warrants or recommends.
Video: Using the Applicator to install Solid Color Stain
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