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In 1989, NewLook became the first company ever to create a solid color concrete stain system that delivers truly opaque and vibrant colors. Our system has since expanded to include a wide range of proven solutions. And it has stood the test of time with over 25 years of satisfied customers using it to enhance the image of millions of square feet of concrete.

We understand your need to be conscious of expenses. We also recognize you have alternative options to enhance the image of your concrete. While no other concrete stain effectively competes with the quality of NewLook's revolutionary decorative concrete stain system, our competition still insists (despite their many failures) that their concrete stain "solutions" are actually worth purchasing--even at a lower price.

We receive innumerable calls from architects, distributors, contractors and property owners like you who have experienced poor results with inferior products, many of which have been recalled. They call us because of our long-standing reputation for fixing colored concrete problems. We simply ask, "Is it worth risking the success of your business just to save a few bucks on a cheap product?"

Don't be fooled by inferior alternatives! As you consider other concrete stain options we encourage you to compare them with the many unique and compelling benefits of our systems. You will find that NewLook offers the most proven, sustainable, valuable and innovative concrete stains to enhance the image of your concrete. We say this out of genuine concern for you, our customer, and a sincere sense of responsibility to inform you of the truth about product issues you face.


"I have used NewLook products since 2003 and have watched...many attempts by rival copy NewLook's formulas. Fortunately for NewLook, these attempts...have had dismal results in product integrity and overall sales...[NewLook] is truly a unique, one-of-a kind, multi-faceted product and formula. And it's the only brand we choose to purchase and support." [Full Testimonial (pdf)]
-- Glen Roman, Owner, STAINTEC; Southern California (

"It's time we start stocking some products; [the NewLook product line] just keeps growing and we are really happy with the way [NewLook] functions."
-- Tom Force, Purchaser, Build Tek, Walnut Creek, CA; 7/23/13

"NewLook is a really well put together company. I see us growing and adding more and more. It's really working!"
-- Diane Backer, Knife River, Stockton, CA; 7/24/13
NewLook customers at the World of Concrete trade show share their experiences using NewLook products.
"I have over 25 years of professional experience in custom and decorative concrete and my motto has always been 'do it right the first time'! But I'm always looking for ways to do it better and expand my horizons: In 2007 I began using NewLook's Concrete Stain and I was hooked on the first job. New construction, restoration, does it all and my customers love the results. Honestly, I have used other products by never achieved the phenomenal results I ALWAYS get from NewLook stains. I average 25% to 30% better coverage than other brands with less labor. That's real savings! Better adhesion too; NewLook stains do not come off unless you want them to, unlike other comparable products. NewLook's stains have better color and consistency; side by side you can see the difference. The best service, advice and solutions form the guys who make it--not some salesman. Ask anyone who knows me; I won't use anything else."
-- Tom Disher, Owner, Tom Disher Concrete; Newport News, VA

"I have always appreciated SmartColor stains for their artistic qualities.
Now I have confidence in the tenacious bond to properly prepared
concrete surfaces. I recently had the experience of removing stains and sealers from approximately 500 s.f. of concrete. It took twice as long to remove the finishes as it did to apply them. Thanks for making the removal so difficult."
-- Steve Bramon, Bramon Restorations; Sedona, AZ
"The moment I started doing decorative concrete work I was advised to familiarize myself with NewLook and their products. Over five years later, NewLook products are still the only ones I use. I've gotten to the point that most of my pictures in my portolio are of NewLook applications. Customers like my Before & After pictures so much they don't even look at the NewLook color chart and ask me to pick colors for them. I'm a self-employed contractor and Certified NewLook Installer. NewLook's stains are perfect for me. With a minimal amount of tools and overhead, I can put down NewLook five days a week and not break a sweat."
-- Wayne Morse, Owner AM Resurfacing; Sacramento, CA (

"We used NewLook's ORIGINAL Solid Color Stain on walkways at the Savannah Hilton Head Airport about 6 years ago and it still looks great! We are very pleased with the performance of NewLook's products."
-- Darrin Miller, Miller's Surface Gallery; Savanna, GA

"Wow! You're EasyStrip 1000 just blew my mind! I have yielded to the provision of local supply far too long using what they stock and what they recommend. I have tried everything else, even 'top-of-the-line' paint strippers and expect three passes...and a mess. ONE PASS of EasyStrip removed 6 heavy coats of luster seal and three coats of stain without all of the gummy mess and no etched fencing or concrete. I haven't looked to see what we paid but I'm sure it's a bargain. I just saved two days of stripping and clean up."
-- Tom Disher, Owner, Tom Disher Concrete; Newport News, VA
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